24 June 2008

Nostalgic for the '00s? Already?

VH-1 is currently running a series, "I Love the Millennium." Similar to its "I Love the [70's][80's][90's]" series, this one takes a nostalgic look at the trends that changed the early Aughts.

WHAT?? Is it really time to get nostalgic about this time? I don't get it...I thought they were pushing it with the 90's, as we're not even 10 years out of them. Don't get me wrong, I love watching them, but I don't have enough distance yet from my bad high school hair to get too weepy over my plaid shirts and baby doll dresses (yes, I wore them both. No, you may not judge).

I get that VH-1 knows they have a hit series on their hands, and they need to do things to keep it relevant and top-of-mind. I am a marketer, I get it. That is why the three 80's series worked...they had enough material, distance, and kitsch to knock it out of the ballpark.

But the year 2000? No. Too soon.

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Unknown said...

Make that flannel plaid shirts. Sexy...