30 June 2008

Why I Love my Dog

I have been sitting here, poised to write, but unsure of the topic. Meanwhile, my pooch was rolling around on "his" chair (this chair was not supposed to be commandeered by the pup...so much for those plans), happy as a clam. And, this made me laugh.

After almost a year and a half, this dog still makes me laugh on a daily basis. And, he has changed so much since I first brought him home. A lot of the changes seem to have come on lately, and it is awesome. He is so much happier now, and much more comfortable here at home. When someone comes into the house, he gets excited, rather than running and hiding. If it is someone he knows, he gets even happier and runs up to try to get that person to pet him.

And, the petting. It used to be, he wouldn't leave my side, even when people called him. Now, if someone will pet him, he is their best friend and wants nothing to do with me. He will jump from lap to lap, and cuddle like there's no tomorrow.

Some days, he runs around the living room, digs through his toy box, and then tosses his toys all over the place. If I throw a sock, he tears after it, and then hides it. A sock...I wish I could get that excited over a sock.

This may not be the most interesting thing, but Luca has been such a fun light in my life, and I had to share. I love this little guy!


Holly said...

my kitten was like that, sortof; he was totally uninterested in me when I first brought him home in January. Now, he climbs all over me when I get up in the morning and when I get home from work. Poor thing lived in a cage for 6 mos and was terrified the first time I took him out to the back yard. Now I can't get him to stay in the back yard, he wants to go play at the Track!

Pernilla said...

HE is so cute and I know you love him. :)

Anonymous said...

That's beuatiful man, it really is =] I need to start feeling that way with my dogs... I remember a puppy that died not to long ago, I took him to my bed because he was cold in his own, and he was afraid of the dark, so I took him to my arms, and held him. I woke up, and there he was sleeping, cute little face just relaxed... then the other day I saw my full grown dog (yet he's small) sleeping, I watched him sleep for about 5 minutes. There was something so beuatiful *tear*

Anonymous said...

I have a male yorkie. He is the love of my life. My wife has a female yorkiepoo. She is the love of my wife's life. Our lives revolve around these little angels. They bring such joy into our lives. Our human children are grown and gone. These little ones are our children now. And we have made arrangements in our wills for them.
We have bought 4 plots in a cemetery that allows human/pet burials. We will be buried next to our darlings when our/their time comes. We want to spend eternity with our angels.