20 June 2008

Sweltering in the City

It is a cool 90 degrees here (maybe 85 now that it's almost 8.30pm), and there is no place to hide from it. Which is actually ok by me; for a few days I can handle, even celebrate the heat. And, since on my recent trip the weather wasn't as warm as I would have liked, I am trying to get those good rays as much as I can.

It was so warm here today it actually reminded me of Spain. This happened earlier in the week, too...my friend and I went to the movies, and were hungry when we left. There was nothing open near the theater, so we went near his house. The area, at 10pm on a Tuesday, was packed. People still eating dinner, taking a paseo...so much like in Spain. It was a lovely warm night, too, which we don't get too often here.

I had a bit of wine left over from last night, so I thought, how nice would it be to have a tinto de verano? And, then it got me thinking, yes, I can have a tinto and some olives. As the day wore on, all I could think about was Spanish food. Because it's hot, I couldn't really imagine cooking anything...but...I could do tapas of olives, and cheese, and tomato and olive oil. So that is just what I did. I got some Spanish Drunken Goat Cheese (Cabra Emboracha?), Manchengo cheese, a baguette, and a mixer for my tinto (in Spain, we would use Fanta, but the Fanta here is much sweeter, maybe because of the corn syrup? So I got lemon flavored mineral water.).

I walked the dog then prepared my feast. Cut up the bread and tomato, spread with olive oil, salt and pepper, sliced the cheese and put the olives in my cute new dish from Spain. Then, of course, I poured my tinto, which was delicious with the mineral water. I must go find orange mineral water now! I sat and ate, savoring every bite. As I was eating, I turned on the movie Volver, so I was surrounded again by Spanish.

Se hecho de menos Sevilla, y Espana tambien.

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Pernilla said...

Yo también!

Parece perfecta tu comida! Mañana me hago un tinto y pienso de ti.