24 March 2009

Back Off

The new administration has been in office for just over 2 months now, and already the talking heads are calling for failure, throwing blame...

I want them all to shut the f*** up!

The Obama administration inherited a mess. We can sit and point fingers, but a lot of the problems are embedded in American culture -- overspending, lack of accountability, no savings, no understanding of finances. The problem is bigger than any one administration.

But to call for failure...this I do not understand. As Americans, shouldn't we want success? I firmly believe that had Bush introduced these initiatives, we would want them to succeed. We may not have believed they will -- which many of us feel about the Obama policies -- but to wish failure? To wish our country continues on its downward spiral?

To me...that is anti-American.


Tom said...

C'mon, as if no one wanted President Bush to fail. Not counting the majority of celebrities, there were Representatives and Senators wishing President Bush to fail. If President Obama can't deal with a little criticism from one person with a radio show, then he shouldn't have run for the office.

annie said...
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annie said...

Sure, Tom, but did they call for his head in the first month of his presidency? I feel like he got some criticism, but everyone was still riding on the (soon to bust) good times of the late 90s. That allowed for a little Bush inherited a very different world. Very different.

And...say what you will, but the chair of the RNC has let Limbaugh spew his vitriol. I don't think it is mobilizing the Republican base much, but nevertheless, he's allowing it to continue, and allowing him to become the de facto leader of the party. Ick. Is now a time to hope for failed economic policies that are trying to HELP a large majority of the Republican base? I can see not agreeing with them, frankly, I don't really agree, but to hope for further failure? To me, that is ridiculous.

Either way, I actually think Obama is a better person than I am. He isn't complaining much; I think he is the type that takes criticism well, considers it, and then acts. I would be crying foul, whining...but that's why I wouldn't run for president.

Tom said...

From a fellow A's and UCLA fan, fair enough :)