19 March 2009

Brannieketology: How Does She Do It?

So...I like sports. A lot. And I REALLY LOVE the NCAA Men's Hoops tourney. I am in shock that this is the first post I have ever written on it...

Anywhoodle...one of the proudest moments in my life goes something like this: I am sick as a dog in bed. The year? Probably 2002. I can barely lift my head from the pillow, and, after watching the Maryland Terps win the NCAA, I had turned the station to watch the A's Opening Night (I was supposed to be there...but...sick).

Suddenly, my phone rings. I am startled and answer it, only to hear my friend Aaron going crazy, babbling some nonsense about how I am going to have to buy him dinner and that I won and blah blah. "Ok, cool," I say, not really knowing or caring what the hell he said. The next morning, it dawned on me...I had won the phat pool Aaron had put together. YIPPEE!!

As I write this, it is the end of the first night of the 2009 tourney, and I am tied for 2nd in my pool. I went 13 for 16 today. I know you're wondering:

How Does She Do It?

It is quite scientific. Or something like that.

First...who has done me good/bad in the past. Maryland, they always get to go a little further... Kansas, usually doesn't make it out of the first round. They really screwed me over in 2003.

Then...what coaches do I like? Easy...Izzo of MSU, Kryzkesky (spelling, I know) of Duke, Calhoun of UCONN, Pittino of Louisville.

Next...other sentimental things. Marquette always gets out of the first round in my bracket. Why? Because my dad works at a produce market, and has since he was 19...hence, he went to the University of Mar-ket. UCLA because I loved Steve Lavin when I was in college and they still get my loyalty.

There are always the fringe teams...Cal usually moves on in my bracket; I grew up near there and have cheered for them my whole life. However, I feel their playing really lacked in the last few games -- once they knew they were going to the Dance, they forgot to show for the rest of their season -- and I don't like that.

After all that is decided upon, I actually look at some stats. I usually pay a lot of attention towards the end of the season, and know at least somewhat of who's beating who, who's starting to drag...and make decisions thusly. I use who historically (in my mind) has done well in the tourney, who has choked...with the 8/9 teams, I usually pick the "upset." Once you get to the middle, they are all pretty even anyway.

This is all such a crapshoot. And that, my friends, is the beauty of THE DANCE!

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