27 March 2009

Boo: Pineapple Express

I always thought my love for Seth Rogan was boundless. Since the early days of seeing him in Undeclared, my love has only grown. He has done very little wrong, and even movies I thought were just so-so (Knocked Up) were redeemed by his presence.

Until Pineapple Express. What a waste of 2 hours or whatever that was. The first night I tried watching it, I fell asleep. The second time, I got through it, but was completely distracted by other things while I was watching (cleaning, I think, which, if you know me, means things are bad).

Before you think I am too high brow or whatever for this genre of movies...I am not. I loved Dazed & Confused, think Half-Baked is genius, laughed hysterically in Superbad. Really, no high brow taste here.

But this movie was just bad. Unnecessarily violent. Stupidly slapstick. There were not enough good stoner moments. James Franco was adorable, but watching him & Rogan sitting around, toking and laughing -- like at the Emmy's -- would have been 10x funnier than this sh*tshow.

And...it really put a dent in my "I heart Seth Rogan" fangirl heart. For that alone, it gets a major BOOOOOOO.

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