10 March 2009

Sweet Nectar

For over 3 decades, I have lived a coffee-free existence.

Sure, I tried it in college, and when I lived abroad, but really, it was never for me. I was fine with this, for the most part. I always felt a little left out at a cafe, and it felt a little disingenuous to say to people, "Let's grab coffee," when I didn't drink the stuff...which sometimes resulted in having to get post-work drinks with people I may not have wanted to see in the evening (which, duh...of course I imbibe the adult bevvies).

Anywhoodle, sometime early in 2009, a friend and I decided to have us a little walk through the park. And on said walk, we decided to have spiked coffee. I didn't want to be a pain, and spiked tea isn't really too yummy (and, while hot cocoa with a splash of something is, I didn't want to be that high maintenance), so coffee it was.

I had no idea what I'd been missing! I could easily down it because of the yummy Bailey's, but the instahigh I got was pretty awesome. I was bouncing down the road in the park. I thought, perhaps this is an anomaly...so let me try it one more time. Sure enough, I was practically pinging off the trees while walking the pooch.

I do find it distracts me a little, being so caffeinated. I have a hard time concentrating sometimes, especially while in a store or something. Because of this, I don't drink it all that often. I don't need it all the time (yet), but like the option of having it.

And, while I drink, I am thankful for the sweet, sweet nectar.


Anonymous said...

I don't drink it either - so I think it would have the same effect on me. I tired it a few times, but it just made my stomach hurt so much! I bet if I had it now, I would be bouncing off the walls! ;)

Vanessa said...

I'm glad you wrote a happy post about your newly acquired coffee consumption habits. I saw this and was expecting a "damn her!" posting!!!