17 April 2010

Adios Costa Rica

After two days of waking up to beautiful sun, today it is stormy and
overcast in manuel antonio. I think Costa Rica is sad to see us go,
but is trying to make it easier on us:-).

Thursday started with an early wake up call and travel to do a canopy
tour. This involved zip lines, rapelling, and a Tarzan swing. I, of
course, failed on the Tarzan swing. Swung over as was told, but didn't
go far enough and swung right back to the first platform. Oops. The
instructors, who enjoyed scaring us, yelled a bit, which freaked me
out more. Needless to say, I did not particularly like that station.

The rest was awesome, but a little slow as we had a dude with us who
was training to be an instructor and was not so great.

We got back and sun greeted us at the Bali House, so we took walks on
the beach and lounged around the rest of the day. Our amazing cook
showed up and presented an awesome meal of tacos, quesadillas, and
more. Yum.

Friday we had no official planned activities, but several of us went
to the national park down the road. At 7.30am, it was already in about
the 80s with severe humidity. So glad we left so early! Because of the
time we left, we also hit a particular part of the forest right in
time for the monkies breakfast. The little guys appeared out of no
where, it seemed, and played and ate, and stared at us. They got very
close, about a foot away...it was awesome!!

Upon return, it was another lazy day by the pool. I did make it down
to Quepos to check out the town (there wasn't too much there) before
parking on a raft on our pool until sundown. I'm thrilled that the
rain stayed away until late last night!

Today we'll head back up to San Jose to catch our flight home. Hard to
believe this week went by so quickly!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi annie!

a friend of mine forwarded me your blog and said you had "the sweetest gig" that allowed you to travel. I'm a grad student looking to do just that. i was wondering if you would mind sharing with me a little bit about what you do and how you got started.