29 June 2006

Jack in the Box

Since when did Jack in the Box become such a perv? I have seen an evolution of sorts, but this latest commercial confirms it.

It is for his latest product, I think it is a meal of sorts with a patty melt (maybe?), chocolate shake, and special fries. Jack and a cohort are watching a group of test subjects from behind a two way mirror. The group of men is around the product, while on the other side of the room, various distractions are being presented. Distractions include a hot motorcycle, a big screen TV playing baseball, an ice cold keg, and the finale, two women jumping on the bed in a pillow fight. The men never take their eyes off the product. Jack's cohort says they can take over the world, but Jack is too busy perving out over the two women on the bed.

This is how Jack wants to sell burgers? Ewwww.

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