05 June 2006

Job Search...

I know it has been a while, but my life had mainly been focused on finding a new job, and I couldn't really talk about it in a public forum. So, after a long and daunting job search, I have finally landed a new gig. After a two week notice, and a two week vacation, I started the job today!

The search was full of ups and downs. I committed to finding a new job in November 2005 (the week before Thanksgiving). Upon posting my resume, I received many calls, mostly from recruiters. I began working with one in particular, and went in to meet her about 2 weeks before Christmas; she had an opening that sounded pretty ideal for me, and I was very excited! Unfortunately, that time of year is a little tough for scheduling interviews, etc., so I had to sit and wait.

Turns out, that job went to an internal hire, BUT the hiring company liked my resume and had another, similar opening. I went for my first interview at the end of January. It went really well. But it wasn't for the job I thought; same group, different role. I figured it out midway through, but didn't care. I was qualified and would have been happy with either job. They wanted a few particular skills I didn't have, but they must have liked my personality, because they did bring me back to interview for other role.

A few weeks later, I went back, and aced the interview. Everyone loved me (I will say...I can turn it on during an interview. I'm never sure about where that comes from, but glad it is there!), and I was told that they wanted me to work there, they just had to figure out what position. Great, I thought, just a little while longer and I would be able to give my resignation! I just had to interview with one of the higher ups.

That happened a few days later. Didn't do as well as I would have liked in that round, but the guy intimidated me a little bit. I had also had a bad day at work, not that it's an excuse but it did lend to my poor interview. I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought, because they called me to come back about a week later (SOP, apparently, for this company). So again I went, and again, I aced it. Feeling very confident, I waited to hear from them...A week later, I did.

I got the job! YAY. I was so excited, but still had an uneasy feeling. I tried to ignore it as I waited for the real offer, with numbers. Tried not to get my hopes up, what if the offer wasn't good, but waited with eager anticipation. Soon, I found out why I was feeling uneasy. About two days after they made me a verbal, I got a message that at the 11th hour, a very senior person decided to go a different direction with the position.

WHA? After two months of interviewing (and almost 3 since I had first heard of the positions), several rounds of meetings, a verbal offer, and they reneg it? After everyone else had signed off on it? I was so disappointed...tried to tell myself that it wasn't meant to be, but that didn't help the disappointment.

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