05 June 2006

Search is Over...

Full of hot air tonight, I am.

After finding out I did not, in fact, get the job I had my heart set on, I was very disappointed. At that point, I wasn't sure if I still wanted to look for another job. Perhaps I could just stay where I was. It was hard to sneak out of work so much...how many "appointments" can a girl have?! It was really stressing me out. Add to that the nonstop rain (1.5 months!!), and this Annie was pretty down in the dumps.

After allowing myself to wallow a bit, and taking a break from The Search, I resumed. Started sending my resume in to lots of employers, and more recruiters. Met with a few more recruiters, none of whom were particularly helpful, but I am a good hire, right? They would find something for me me soon.

One appointment was very strange. I was going in to speak to the recruiter about a specific position, one that required at least 5 years experience. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the agency, and was asked to take a Word test, Excel test, a PowerPoint test, a spelling test, a filing test and a math test. The recruiter was SHOCKED by how quickly I finished and how high my scores were (really, she went on and on); I was shocked that they would ask for someone with that much experience and then make them do basic testing. My attitude was poor after that, and the interview got worse. This was an entry-level recruiting/staffing agency, and was definitely not used to dealing with higher levels. She asked me some crazy questions, I got increasingly impatient, and finally it was over. I have a feeling they never even submitted my resume to the company they were recruiting for, and that was probably for the better. I was mad that I had wasted a valuable amount of time.

After meeting with yet another recruiting company-- who had only a few openings, none of which I was really qualified for-- I was once again feeling down. It had been 5 months, and I was still stuck at my old job. I didn't care anymore about my old job, and I didn't like that. And I felt like I would never get out. Ever.

That week, I sent in more resumes to companies I had found on Monster. To my great surprise, I got calls for two! Here I had been working with 4+ recruiters, and I got calls all on my own! I went into the first one, and really hit it off with the manager. Similar position to what I was currently doing, but totally different type of company and different industry. I was really excited when I left, and even more excited when, at the end of that day, I got a call asking me to come back in and meet with more people! After just a few hours!

In the meantime, an agency wanted me to go in and interview. So I did. I liked the agency, and while it didn't get me as excited as Company #1, it would have been a very good career opportunity. I went back in to Company #1, and finally #2 called me back in. Company #1 told me they had one more person I needed to meet with, but they started calling my references, so I felt pretty positive. I was going out of town for a week, so both companies needed to wait until I got back to do anything more. While I was away, all I could think was that it may be my last work trip with this company, the last time I will see many of these people. In that sense it was bittersweet, but exciting at the same time.

I had my interview with Company #2 when I returned home. As I was getting ready to go to that interview, I got an email and a call from the manager at Company #1 that she had some good news. I excitedly called her back, and she told me as long as all negotiations went well, she'd love it if I came on board! I got the job!

I still went through with the other interview. What if it didn't work out and once again, I was out of luck? The interview went well, and the recruiter told me not to accept until I heard from Company #2 the next day. The next day rolled around, I was able to negotiate a better salary from Company #1, and accepted the position. I never did hear again from Company #2, so I am glad I didn't wait (I don't know if they heard I accepted the job, or they just weren't interested... after going in a few times, I kind of expected them to let me know something!).

I resigned the next day. It was nervewracking, but I did it. And once I did, it was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Could I have been more excited?! My last two weeks were nuts, no time to slack, and then I had two weeks of R&R (part of the time in Maui). It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

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