28 June 2006

Sweet 16? More like Spoiled Brat 16.

In continuing my penchant for horrible TV, I am watching My Sweet 16. This MTV "reality" show follows privileged fifteen year olds as they plan their sweet 16 party.

It is gross.

First of all, I understand that teenagers don't always speak nicely to their parents. I know I didn't. But the way these kids treat their parents...AND THEIR PARENTS LET THEM!! They are also to blame. They take their kids to Paris, London, NYC to buy a new dress. Or two. For a sweet sixteen party.

I don't remember any of my friends really having a sweet 16 party. Maybe we went to dinner or something, but I can't think of much more elaborate than that. Has it become that big a deal? Am I that out of touch?

I feel partially to blame...I watch this crap and give MTV the audience it needs to perpetuate the notion that this is the norm. And I can't figure out why I watch it...I don't even understand half of what they are saying (an excerpt was something like, "Did Bjorn have the dopest threads to hold on to his title as divo and beat everyone for the sweetest 'fit?"). And I can't figure out where they find these people. Some of these parents spend over 100K$ to throw their kid a bday party. None of them seem to have food, and there shouldn't be any alcohol, so where are they spending their money?
  • Entertainment (Ciara, some rapper I don't know, L.A. Reid's son had a bunch of folks, including Jermaine Dupree, but those may have been free)
  • Designer Duds for the kids
  • Trips to some big fashion mecca to find said Designer Duds
  • Name-brand cars; nothing less than a BMW, Lexus, Range Rover, Mercedes will do
  • Fancy-schmazy invitations (one passed out little MP3 players...I think that was L.A. Reid's son and I don't think those were free)
  • Huge cakes that get smashed into

I don't know why I watch this crap. It really scares me.

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