17 January 2008

Construction Mania!

The building next to me recently got torn down (in, like, a day), and now they are working to build it back up. This is a great thing, as the new building will be nice and clean, unlike the pit that was the old building.

The only problem? The construction noise. I think they are doing foundation work right now, and man, is it loud. And, it starts at daybreak....which normally would be fine, but right now, is disruptive. The noise and shaking (yes, it shakes my whole building) continues throughout the day, which scares the pooch.

How do I know this? Because each day upon my return home, I get a nice little surprise from the pooch. The noise, when he is here alone, scares him.

The signs on the street say no parking until mid-February. I am hoping this means the foundation work will be done by then. Fingers crossed.

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