23 January 2008

Shopping Blues

The other day, I had the great displeasure of going clothes shopping.

Now, I am not a shopper by nature. I don't like it that much. But on days when I need something, and I brave the great rainy outdoors to shop, I expect to find a few things. And I needed some new clothes...did I find 'em?

No, I did not. I should have known after shopping with my mom the other day that there is a severe lack of things I like in the latest crop of clothes. It seems everything I could find was overrun with bright, huge prints, and ill-fitting cuts. The styles have very little shape to them; instead, they are cut like sacks of potatoes and fit about as well. Or, you get the tops that all have empire waists, which often give the illusion of pregnancy unless you are stick thin.

The pants consist of those high cut numbers (uh, ew) or pencil cut. Last I check, those styles flattered about 2% of the population. A lot of it looks like what I wore in high school, which means the 90s are back in a mean way. I went into Express at one point, and laughed that I had worn almost the exact shirt they are selling now on my 21st birthday. And that was 10 years ago.

I still need clothes. Where are the nice tailored tops? The non-offensive colors? I guess I will just bide my time until the next crop of what's "in" hits the stores!

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