11 January 2008

Train Wreck

I am currently watching a horribly disturbing show, which I should turn off but can't seem to take my eyes off of it.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew has to be one of the worst ideas for a reality show. It starts off with Kinicki from Grease completely wrecked by some substance (I think cocaine and alcohol). They even show him snorting something, which, for me, is really uncomfortable. He is really a shadow of his former self.

We then get Chyna Doll, who is says she is an alcoholic but doesn't think she has a problem. When Dr. Drew asks her why she's there, she has no answer. I'll give you one: she's a fame whore. Seriously, perhaps she has a problem, and my vast array of Chyna Doll experience (see: Surreal Life) tells me that she does, but if she doesn't think she has a problem, can they really help her? Isn't the first step admitting there is a problem? I think she did it to try to get her face out there a little bit; I hope in the process she gets the help she clearly needs.

Next we have the guy who sang, "You're my butterfly, sugar baby." They show him freebasing. Ummm...

I realize this show is supposed to make me feel uncomfortable, to give me pause. And, it is succeeding in this. It also is succeeding in making me extremely sad that these people feed off the attention so much they would go through this painful process on a reality show. And that VH1 would film it. And that I would watch it.

Off to turn the station.

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Tom said...

Nice move. Turning the t.v. off in that situation says it all.