02 January 2008

Just Another Day at the Salon

Recently, I was getting a mani/pedi (finally), and I must say, it was one of the more memorable salon experiences I have had.

As they were finishing up on my pedi, a shoeless man walked into the salon. The salon owner asked him if he wanted a treatment, and he said he wanted it all. I tried not to stare, but the man was shoeless, and stinky, and dirty. I figured he just wanted a warm place to sit for a while...until he got up and walked over to another client, handed her a flower, and said she had a beautiful smile. He then promptly walked over to the radio, and turned it way up (this was clue number two to me that the owner knows this guy). Another client asked him to turn it down, but he either was ignoring her or couldn't hear because his ears were right next to the radio speaker.

At any rate, this continued for a while. Finally, the owner went over and asked him to soak his feet. He got kind of angry when she also turned down the volume. Apparently, he didn't want any mani/pedi, just to listen to the music. Then he started asking all of us (this was a full salon) who didn't like music, and would we rather hear the sirens from the street? This went on for a bit, and finally he left. He was clearly drunk...

...which was a little worrying when we looked outside to see he had driven his car to in front of the salon and proceeded to open the doors and trunk so he could blast some music for us. Apparently he has done this before. It was a nice Cadillac, too, which was surprising given the looks of this guy.

I had never been to this particular salon before, but after all that action, I'll definitely be back!

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