16 January 2009

Friday Answers

Back to the once in a while memes...this one is from ilaxSTUDIO...

Is it harder for you to eat healthy or get exercise?

It is much harder for me to eat healthy. I like eating healthy, but cooking for one person is tough when all the recipes I have are for 4+ servings. I don't like eating leftovers for days on end. So it is easier to grab something at lunch (which I try to make healthy), then cook something random for dinner. It's not that it's necessarily unhealthy, but they often aren't the best rounded meals.

Exercise, on the other hand, is a little easier. I can throw on my tennis shoes and put a leash on the dog, and take a jog or walk. I can pop in a DVD and do my little workouts here at home. I can run to the gym and do a quick workout. I like exercise, I like feeling like I have accomplished a little more, physically, then others:-).

I do try to balance things...but for me, exercise is a little easier.

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Anonymous said...

Leftovers can become evil... it makes it so easier to eat more! We like to make single serving things, but it is so impractical, isn't it?!