16 January 2009

I Get it Already

It is often a rude awakening, realizing what you thought was something good is really not that at all. That the person you have thought about, and possibly invested time in, hasn't reciprocated really at all. I think often times, deep down, we know, but you never want to give up the hope that perhaps something will change. But then reality hits. And it really sucks.

Do we really need a movie about this? The book, I believe, was popularized by Sex and the City. The movie, which somehow has a pretty great cast, has been running its promo incessantly... we must have seen it 15 times during the part of the Golden Globes I watched, and today, it has been on almost every other commercial break...all day (am home, not feeling so well).

I hate these books that generalize everything, saying people fit into these neat packages and every situation is the same. Of course, none of us want to think our situation is like anyone else's, and of course, often times it is no different than what everyone else is going through...but still.

The movie promos also make women look like simpering tools...in the age of cell phones does anyone sit by their pink rotary waiting for someone to call?

I do like the one line by Drew Barrymore about being rejected by 7 different technologies...that is true. We are so accessible...the phone, text messaging, Facebook, IMing, email, MySpace maybe...and the old excuses don't work. And it hurts a little more when you don't get an email/text/IM/etc., because it is so easy to do any of those things. This line won't make me go see the movie, but it did make me think.

So he's just not that into me. I get it already, you can get out of my head now, thankyouverymuch.

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