06 January 2009

My Dog, the Brat

It is hard to believe that this cute little pooch could be anything but a sweetheart, I know. But it's the truth.

After almost two years, this was the first time I had left Luca with someone new. Usually, he goes to my parent's house and stays with them, or with the pet sitter they had (who moved away at the end of the summer). I had left him with a neighbor two summers ago, but that didn't go so well. But I had places to be this weekend, and the Luca couldn't come along this time.

My friend C offered to watch the pooch. I took him over to her house on New Year's day, and we hung out there watching movies, hanging out, and letting him get a feel for the place. He seemed to be fine and very comfortable, so we told him he'd be back there a few days later to spend a fun day with C.

No problem, right?

I wish! I arrived with the dog in the morning and quickly left. Apparently, he sat at the door crying. He was fine when C would sit and hold him, or play with him, but the minute she got up, he would run to her front door, cry, and jump up and try to hit the handle to open it. This couldn't continue all day, so C was nice enough to come to my house and spend the day/night here.

She thought it would all be good at that point. He was the king of his domain, and was much more comfortable here. So comfortable, in fact, that sometime during the night, he decided to leave C a nice treat for her to find in the morning. So nice, this dog.

When I got home, Luca cried and cried and followed me all over. He then sat on my lap throughout the rest of the day, and if I moved, he was sure to be with me. You would think I had left him for some extended period of time, not just 24 hours! I don't know what to do about this... I can't have a bratty dog for the sitters!

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