28 January 2009

Wednesday Answers

Nothing like a little procrastination. This time, courtesy of My Digital Ghost...

Listen: What was the last concert you went to, and what was your experience like?

Gosh, I can't even remember...I assume it was some sort of cover band because I don't know that I have seen live music in a while. How sad is that? I assume, though, that my experience was getting pushed around, getting tired of standing, and eventually leaning up against something for support.

Watch: Is there a movie that inspires you? If so, which one?

I wouldn't exactly say it was inspiring in a good way, but Revolutionary Road really made me think about life, what I would love in a relationship, and, importantly, what I could not tolerate in one. It made me evaluate dreams and support and what that all means. And it made me really think twice about my life at that moment.

Read: What was the last time you read a book and saw the film adaptation afterwards? What was your reaction?

I think it was The Other Boleyn Girl. I could not put the book down...it wasn't a fine piece of literature, but it was a good, descriptive book that really kept me, as the reader, involved and interested. The movie, on the other hand...was TERRIBLE. I almost turned it off. And, it takes A LOT for me to stop watching something. 1. I was transfixed by the horrible teeth they had Natalie Portman wear, and 2. The picked the worst parts of the book to adapt, so it made no sense. Also, Henry VIII was known to have the Tudor reddish hair. Not be dark like Eric Bana. This also bothered me.

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