12 January 2009

One Week

In just 7 quick days, the end to my long national nightmare will be over, and there will no longer be a Bush in the White House.


It seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were fighting the lost cause of Gore's win. Or that I was threatening to stay in Canada when G-Dubs was inexplicably re-elected. But looking back over the course of these 8 years, it is hard to believe that so much could go wrong, and so little could go right.

An attack. A war declared. A war declared over. An ongoing conflict reminiscent of the one in the not so distant past. Lies. Wiretapping. A nation held in fear. A nation of overspenders, living a life we can't afford, the example being set by our overspending government (this one goes out to all elected officials, who cannot seem to control themselves).

What will the legacy of these past 8 years be? I can't imagine ever looking back fondly on the first 8 years of the aughts.

And while our new leaders are inheriting a world of mess, I am hoping overall confidence starts to increase. I don't think things will change overnight, and I don't think everything will be better once the new administration comes to power. I already disagree with some of the policies they are pushing (cut taxes? Are you kidding? Cut all you want...people aren't gonna spend money unless they know they'll have an income), but I feel like, so far, there are no huge power trippers a la our current (for 7 more days!) VP.

So bring it on. Couldn't be any worse, right?

On a totally separate note, I have this cool new tool that let's me see where you, dear reader, are. Leave me a note, let me know how, and who, you are!

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