18 November 2007

Are You Your Mother?

Today I was looking around at various things at my house, and I realized...I am totally my parents. I use the same brand of soap I used growing up (that my parents, and brother, also use), Dawn dishwashing liquid (again, same), Tide detergent (same yet again), etc. Do I use it because it is the best? I don't think so...I am just used to it. Every once in a while I look at other things, a way to stray from the norm, and it doesn't happen. In part, I have allergies and am afraid trying something new will leave me with some nice hives, but I think, in part, it is easier to stay with what you know.

Is this a bad thing? An unusual thing? I doubt it. Take a look around your place, then, look at your parents. I bet there are more similarities there than you would think!

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