28 November 2007


I read with great sadness the story of the young woman who recently committed suicide because her MySpace boyfriend no longer wanted to speak to her. It made me even sadder, and angry, when it came out that the boyfriend never existed, instead, he was a fictional character made up by a mother of another young woman down the street.

So a grown woman, an adult, a MOTHER, set out to crush a young lady. I am sure she didn't do it with the intent to off the girl, but essentially, that is what happened. How an adult makes the type of decision to torment a young woman, well, that is just beyond me.

I know kids do that to one another. Kids are mean. But we grow out of it. We become adults and learn to pick on someone our own size (or, you know, get over it). What is broken in this woman that she would engage in such activities?

I hope she gets her comeuppance.

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