11 November 2007

Lust for Life

Today is Veteran's Day here in the USA, and there are a lot of remembrances going on all over the country. I was sitting watching the news, and they mentioned a particular soldier who, according to his family, "Loved to live."

And it got me wondering...1. is that a given that we all "love to live," and 2. would this be something people can say about me at the end of it all.

I think deep down, we all have an affinity for life. If we didn't, the population wouldn't be as out of control as it is.

But...do we all live it like we love it? There are times when I personally question why I am here. I can't honestly say I love life every second of the day, in particular, at times like this where it seems like trial after trial comes to me. I wonder if, when I meet my end, if, "She really loved life" will be something said about me. I really don't know. Lesson learned.

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