27 November 2007

Teenagers Today

On my morning walks, I often find myself walking the same path as a gaggle or two of teenagers, heading to their school at the top of the hill. The other day I noticed that, though these teens are growing up in a totally different day and age, in essence, they are the same as we were back in the day.

The school at the top of the hill is private; not sure if it is also of some religious group, as well. But the kids where uniforms. The girls are in skirts - which they are trying to hike up as far as they can (I guess that will never go out of style)- trying to express their individuality with tights, shoes, socks, anything that they can get away with. I also see the sneaky makeup...I am familiar with those sly ways.

And the boys, walking down the street with their weird, moppety hair, all gangly and pimply, many just getting used to their bodies and doing what they can to not be noticed. Wrinkly shirts are the typical accessory to their uniform pants.

Regardless of how the world around them has changed, they remain teenagers. Their smart mouths that try to make them seem older are just masking the fear and insecurity we all felt at that age. It is so nice to know some things don't change.

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