04 November 2007

Monday Monday

No, it's not Monday yet. But in a few hours it will be, and again starts another week! Lately I don't know how I feel about that; life seems to be passing a little too quickly for me. I try to put myself into my happy place, thinking back to a point where I felt at peace. As I hiked the Cinque Terre, I felt that peace. I ended my 9 km of mediation at Riomaggiore, a stunning little inlet town. The glassy water, the lack of cars all over the place (there were cars, just not like in some of the bigger cities), the feeling of having pushed my body for a few hours...it just felt good.

I find myself thinking often of Italy, and wondering if it wouldn't be fun to live there for a while. Now that I have my citizenship, it is a real possibility. Or, a real something. I mean, I have a mortgage (I guess I could rent my place out for a while) and a pooch (who I would take with me). Maybe it's something that would have been more of a possibility when I was younger, I don't know.

For now, I'll just go to my happy place in my head, and try to again find that peace.

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