13 November 2007

Tuesday Answers

From Ten on Tuesday:
Ten Songs that Bring Back Memories (and why)

In no particular order:

1. TubThumping (chumpawumpa) - This reminds me of walking into Madison's in SLO, and most of my senior year of college

2. Hang on Sloopy (the mccoys) - A family "band" at the River played this one when I was younger, and it always reminds me of summer

3. Hold on to the Nights (richard marx) - sitting in the back seat of the station wagon, thinking about the boys we're crushin' on at the River

4. Everybody Hurts (REM) - this song came out at the perfect time, my senior year of high school, and in a weird way, brought a lot of us together

5. The Search is Over (survivor) - my first slow dance

6. These Are Days (10,000 maniacs) - my senior year of high school, a few good times

7. Stay (lisa loeb) - my angry post-high school song, I loved belting this out in my car while thinking about the cute boys

8. Bad Day (samiam) - this song still helps me get through a bad one

9. M+Ms (blink-182) - my friend in college made me a tape, and this was the last song on it; always reminds me of him and good times

10. Depende (jarabe del palo) - brings me right back to Reyes' class in Sevilla

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