28 January 2007

High Maintenance II: Weirdo Bugaloo

Wow, this show gets better and better.

There were two great storylines this week. The first, an "actress" babysitter gets a job so has to go on location for a month. Two other nannies vie for her position, and I feel so sorry for this little boy. The potential manny is a total douche, and while the kid is playing elsewhere, lays on the couch and talks to his friend about how hot the mom is. The potential female nanny is nice enough, but Lucy, the current nanny, is jealous so totally manipulates the kid into saying no matter what, she's his favorite. [eye roll]

The better storyline is of a useless woman whose rich fiancee hires her a personal assistant to help her manage her time. Basically, he hires her a babysitter (which is wrong in itself...hello? grown woman/man!). I don't use the term useless lightly, but could not figure out what purpose this woman serves, nor how a successful man could find her interesting. We didn't get to see the fiancee, mysterious "Andy," so I don't know what his situation is...perhaps he is much older and likes 'em young, or maybe she has a redeeming quality that we didn't see.

Nevertheless, the assistant shows up and they promptly go to two or three glasses of wine lunch. Then it was off to shop. I am not up on the shops of Los Angeles, but these were fancy schmancy. To show the PA her gratitude, the woman bought him a 1000$ sweatshirt. Then followed that by buying herself a 20,000$ fugly necklace.

Where do they find these people?!

The next day the assistant tried to get her to organize her closet, but that lasted about 5 minutes before she got too bored and had to go have some cheese and wine. "Andy" somehow figured out they had gotten nothing done (not sure how...maybe he has nanny cams or something) and fired the PA. Which made me a little sad, because those two were so meant for each other it was scary.

This show really is craptastic. I can't wait to see what train wreck the next episode brings!

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