21 January 2007

Mr. Sandman...Bring Me a Dream

For the last two plus weeks, I have not been able to sleep well. I am probably averaging 4-5 hours a night, and there doesn't seem to be a good reason for this trouble.

Last night, for instance, I stayed up late trying to tire myself out (or, tire myself out more than I already am). I went out, walked around a bunch, worked out, and then came home and stayed up late. At midnight, I crawl into bed, sure that I would fall asleep in no time. One o'clock rolls around, and I am still laying there, staying at the ceiling. At some point, I fell asleep...I woke up a while later, assuming it was morning and time to get up. No such luck, it was 3am.

Despite my best efforts, my mind starts going and going about nothing important. I worry about what I am going to hang on my wall, how I should arrange my living room...it makes no sense, and there is no need to be thinking about that when I should be sleeping.

I lay there and long for Dreamland. When I try to empty my thoughts, meditate, count sheep, whatever, it doesn't work. Now, going on over two weeks, it is really starting to affect me. I am cranky, gaining weight, and lacking in energy. Just one good night sleep is all I ask at this point.

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