21 January 2007

Not So Lazy Sunday

I'm the first to admit, I am not the most prolific housekeeper. I can get a little lazy at times, and most of the time I would rather find something else to do than clean.

Since moving into my new place, my dirty grout has bugged me. They didn't do a deep cleaning before I moved in, and that bugs me...especially since there is a ton of grout here in this place and it is not the easiest to clean. My kitchen is all nicely tiled, with what is now dirty grout, and the bathroom, twice the size of my old one, is tiled similarly.

So today I decided to tackle some of this. I got some grout cleaner that is supposed to be "powerful," but there must be something better. I scrubbed the grout in my kitchen for over an hour (after giving some of it a first pass a week or two ago), and while it is cleaner, it still isn't bright and sparkly. And, to top it off, when I cleaned the grout, the dirt from it seemed to push onto the tiles, meaning I have to clean the floor a second time!

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