03 January 2007

The Holidays

The holidays have now come and gone. I have to say, this year they were pretty nice.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my Grandfather & his wife's house (on my mom's side). We now have two toddlers running around, which is really fun. They are into opening their gifts this year and get excited about the toys and wrapping paper. It is exhausting just watching them! It was nice to have all of the members of that family together; it doesn't happen very often.

Christmas Day started with our family of four climbing onto my parent's bed. We have done this since we were little...so even at 30 my mom wants us to start off the morning the same way. My brother and I then have to sit in the front room and wait for them to see what Santa gave us, and settle in their spots before we are allowed in the living room. Finally, we get to the opening gifts portion of the morning. My brother and I both became homeowners this year, and my parents gave us big gifts that didn't make it under the tree (for me, it was rugs for my new place...so they haven't even been picked out yet). My mom made out like a bandit, getting spoiled rotten by me, my brother, and my dad.

After we were done, my dad's sisters came over to my parent's house for breakfast. It was weird not having my Papa there; this was our first Christmas without him. They didn't stay too long, but it was good to see them. Starting some new traditions, I guess. We then headed over to my cousin Julie's house, who was kind enough to host Christmas dinner and invite my family over. There are a few rugrats running around there; it is so fun to see all their excitement over Santa and having everyone there.

Tuesday, I took the day off and relaxed. It was so nice. Overall, a very mellow few days, which I really appreciated!

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