24 January 2007

I Heart Craigslist

Recently I moved into a new condo (my own, yay!). I didn't have a lot of furniture, but what I did have, I surely didn't want to keep for a long time. Unfortunately, I couldn't sell it before I moved, because I needed it while I made up my mind on new furniture.

Well, two months later, that time has come! I finally have some new bedroom furniture, so I needed to get rid of the old stuff. Enter craigslist.

Craigslist has been a fantastic resource for me for since about 1998. I found my first, second, and fourth apartment that way; found my second job; and found countless groups/sports/things to be involved in.

And now...I have used it to sell my stuff! Before I moved out, I sold a few things (including a microwave for 20$...which the guy drove 40 miles in rush hour traffic on a Friday to buy). And as of tonight, I have sold a dresser, nightstand, and bookcase. These all took up a lot of space in my place, so it is so nice to have them out! If not for craigslist, I don't know how I would have gotten rid of this stuff. It sure wouldn't have been so easy!

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