06 June 2007


It seems, that, ever since I became a homeowner, that there is always something to clean. I know I cleaned a lot at my old place, but this seems to not only take me forever, but need to happen over and over!

Granted, my new place is about twice the size of my old place, and now I have a dog, but I still don't get it. I feel like I could clean every day and still not be caught up.

I try to split it into various phases. On a rotation, every other week I work on the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathtub. Between the weeks, I just try to keep things neat.

It is something they don't put in the homeowner's manual, though, how much work it is just on a superficial level. Nevermind the other upkeep a real homeowner has to do (like gardening, garbage, roof...things we don't have to worry about in a condo)!

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