25 June 2007

I [Heart] Canadian TV

Currently, I am sitting at the Toronto airport, waiting for my flight back home...I just paid 6$ for a horrible tasting parfait (my favorite thing from Starbucks). Ick. But that's not my point here.

I discovered on this trip that Canada has some crazy, and fun, television shows. Yes, they have many of the typical American shows, but they also have this station called Slice which seems to show only random Canadian reality shows. Maybe we have these shows in the US, but I've never seen them.

There is this one show called "Rich Bride, Poor Bride." Where they find these brides I have no idea. This one woman had a budget of 45K$, agreed upon by her & her fiancee. The final cost of the wedding was around 70K$. She thought she actually saved money because her fiancee had assumed she would spend closer to 100K$. Neither of them seemed too concerned, but still...25K over your budget? Yikes. Last time I was here, I saw that show, and the bride was one that kept shouting about it being "her" day and that she should get anything she wanted.

There was also a show about weight loss, where it followed someone rather heavy trying to lose weight. This particular episode featured a woman trying to make the right changes for her health and that of her family, and her husband was so jealous when she started "looking good" that he would openly try to sabotage her, leaving a whole pizza out right in the kitchen and guilt tripping her when he had to "come home after working his ass off all day to take care of the kids so she could work out." Awesome.

Then, on HGTV, they have way better shows (and a maple leaf over the logo)...tons of home makeovers, restaurant makeovers, room makeovers. It seems to be all reality shows, rather than the DIY-type shows the American HGTV shows.

It looks like Canadians are even more obsessed with reality TV. And I love it!

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