08 June 2007

Ladies in Park

The other morning I was walking Luca. As it gets a little boring sometimes, just walking with the dog. He is not the best conversationalist, and listening to music gets a little old. So, this particular morning, I found myself listening in on another set of walkers' conversation.

The walkers were two older women, friends, I think, just from seeing each other at the park. They were talking about a movie they had both seen (I am not sure which one). And the way they were talking, it made me think that things don't change so much when you get older. They were talking about romance, gossiping about how a particular actress looked in the movie, laughing together about how silly they were being.

It is little experiences like these that make me think how much we all have in common. I wish, with all the hate in this world, that we could remember, deep down, we're all very similar.

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