11 June 2007

Seen Around Safeway

Three biker-types in the deli area, discussing sandwiches for a good 15 minutes.

Another woman at the deli counter, asking for 3 slices of turkey, to put on her 39 cent roll.

Several workers shouting from aisle to aisle about some party that night and getting faded.

A young woman telling her daughter, "Beyonce, you don't need to grabbing on everything."

Reeling over the fact that someone actually named their daughter Beyonce.

At the checkout...a man/woman with several bags of food, suddenly, after being rung up and paying, that the salad ingredients s/he had purchased totaled 47$. Had s/he not noticed how many items s/he had put into the cart? Not looked at the prices at all? Then walked off in a huff after the poor checker refunded her/his money.

All in a day's supermarket visit.

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