19 June 2007

Wake Up Call

I arrived yesterday into Toronto, after a lovely red eye Sunday night. The nice thing about red eyes is that they allow me to get on schedule much quicker; because I am already tired by around 9pm, I can get right to bed and up at a normal time, rather than being up until 2am and only getting about 4 hours of sleep.

All was well at my hotel...until, at 6am this morning, I was awoken by a horrible sound. Unsure of what it was, and thinking it was perhaps the alarm clock (that I hadn't set), I frantically threw my hand around searching for the snooze button. When that didn't work, I looked for my Blackberry, which I was using as an alarm clock. Nope, still not the case. As a few minutes passed I realized that it was the fire alarm.

Since it was 6am, no other instructions had been announced and the front desk wasn't answering, I threw on a jacket, grabbed my purse and headed out. The guy across from me opened his door wearing nothing but boxers, but wisely went back in and dressed before evacuating. Down 34 flights of stairs I went, sniffing for fire and feeling for heat. Still, no announcements came, so I thought it may be serious.

After getting down to the bottom, I wandered back into the lobby, where most of the other guests were hanging out. Apparently, there was no fire, but there was now a malfunctioning alarm system. After about 45 minutes, the alarm went off, and we all headed to the elevators... which were also malfunctioning. Not knowing when they would work again, I decided to hoof it back up the 34 floors, thus negating my need for the gym.

What a way to start the day!

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