16 June 2007

Lest We Forget...

I wonder...do mother's sometimes, just for a moment, forget that they are moms? Suppose the kids have been quiet for a while, she gets lost in her thoughts, and suddenly there's a sound and she realizes, wow, I haven't thought about the kids for a while?

This sometimes happens to me with Luca. I love this doggie with all my heart. But sometimes, I totally blank on the fact that I am a pet owner. I'll be sitting at home, and suddenly he'll move, and I remember, oh yeah, there is something else living here with me. Or I'll want to go out, and it dawns on me that I have a little bit at home that needs me to take him for a walk.

I am not comparing dogs to kids, not really. I justI don't have anything else that totally depends on me the way Luca does. He is my "kid." It still surprises me that I have this living creature depend on me. Will that shock wear off? I doubt it. I assume, that should I ever have a kiddo, the shock will only get stronger.

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