13 September 2007

And We're Off

First off, let me apologize for any weird spelling/grammar...I am not used to this keyboard.

We left at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning. Our van driver was even a little early...I had been hoping he'd be late so we wouldn't have to sit at the airport too long, but no dice on that one. We got the airport, checked in, and soon enough it was time to go.

Before we knew it, we were in DC and getting ready to board our flight to Rome. Pebbles could't get over how big the plane was. We lucked out with some seats with a huge amount of legroom... it was nice to be able to move around. And, we had crew seats in front of us, so no one was there most of the flight (not that it would have mattered, there was that much leg room). We had our own personal little TVs...Pebs started laughing right away at Shrek III, but then midway through turned to me and said she was totally lost on the storyline. Having never really seen a Shrek movie, I had no idea they were the least bit complicated...but...

The flight was rather uneventful, which is always a good thing. I fell asleep for a little while, thankfully. At one point, I went to use the restroom...it was a huge one. Definitely one that has been used, comfortably, a time or two for the Mile High club.

And so...the resolution to the great luggage debate of 2007. I had told my aunt to pack light, and pack so she could carry on. Last time I checked my luggage in Europe, it was lost, and there is nothing worse than being stranded without clean clothes. She forewent my advice and decided to check her luggage...which is now lost. Hopefully we'll get it in Florence tomorrow.

Then our poor driver got a ticket because he was waiting for us so long. I think he got it figured out, but...no luck from the get go.

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