13 September 2007

Rome Day One

We're now here in Rome...I am pooped.

We checked into the hotel, which, despite telling us we were ok with early check in, did not have any rooms or any real apologies. We had to wait a few minutes for a room, which is not what we wanted but oh well, it's just one night. Pebs is just excited it has a bidet, although I don't know that either of us would know how to use it.

After I showered, we were off to the Vatican. It is a lovely day here in Rome, warm but not too hot, so perfect for walking after such a long flight. Have to get moving! I followed the map and got us here eventually...a few side streets and twists and turns later. But here we are in Vatican City, which is such a lovely site.

One thing that amazes me is how people process what they're seeing, if they really do. They walk into the Sistine Chapel, or St. Peters, or the other museum areas and just start taking pictures. Rarely do they stop and just look at what they're shooting. They just go go go. I wonder, when they look back, will they remember what they saw because of their pictures, or because they actually saw it? I think the former. (and, I am guilty of this, too, although I have gotten better)

It is striking how rude people are, and not just Americans (in fact, I have barely noticed them). Huge groups of tourists - Spanish, Italian, German, and more - push their way through the lines, the rooms...even not letting a wheelchair get through. It is really unfortunate and surprising. We'll all get there eventually, do they really need to push?

I lost Pebbles in the Vatican and then kept getting in trouble by the guards. Who knew you couldn't lean on the nice marble ledges. Isn't that what they're there for?

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valerie said...

You might need to stop by a children’s store and get one those leashes that clamp on to ones wrist. This might help you and your Aunt from getting separated going forward.

Sorry to hear about the lost luggage but the fact that you had to connect to another flight to get to your final destination would be a clear indicator to one that there was a VERY HIGH possibility that the luggage wouldn’t make it there at the same time as you! Hope she packed some extra underclothing in her carry on!

Continue to have an AWESOME trip~