17 September 2007

Day Cinque: Grappa Grappa and more Grappa

It is actually for the better, methinks, the way the whole Siena/Tuscany thing. I think driving around would have been hard, because I am not sure how the navigating would have turned out.

We woke up early this morning to the sound of the pouring rain. We were supposed to head off on a tour of Tuscany, so I wondered how the rain would affect things. Luckily, it had pretty much cleared by the time we got ready to go...but the threat was there. I had booked this Saturday, and wasn't quite sure what was in store for us, and wasn't to excited about the thought of walking around in the rain. We lined up outside of the tour office, and waited with a bunch of other people for our guide.

Then out came Elizabetta. A native Tuscan, Elizabetta had traveled around quite a bit in her youth (her father was in the UN) before re-settling in Florence. Her English was pretty perfect, and she was quite fun and sarcastic with us. She first tried to tell us we were off to Pisa & Lucca (which made me think of my poochie, and others on the bus groan with the thought of going back to Pisa). Of course, she was kidding.

On the way to San Gimignano, Elizabetta explained the history of the place to us. We all got to talking about it and ourselves. There was Ginger & Jeff from Georgia...Jeff had surprised his wife for her 50th bday with a trip to Europe. Suzannah and her hubby from North Carolina, who had just retired. Bill & his wife, from Washington. Rob & Danielle, who own a restaurant that sounds so good in Scottsdale, and a guy from Canada who we hung out with but never learned his name. It was a really fun group.

We walked around SG for a while, which is a really pretty & well-preserved town. Then it was time to go off to the wine tasting place...

Oops, it looks like they are closing down the internet place. I'll write more tomorrow. Is anyone reading this? Y'all can leave comments!

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