16 September 2007

When Wine Attacks

You know that moment before an accident happens, when you realize it is going to happen, and try to avoid it, but then it happens anyway, and probably worse than what had happened if you had done nothing?

Yeah, that happened last night.

We had a fabulous dinner with our new friends Rich & Paulette, and at the end, we were talking about losing passports - Rich's daughter had lost hers once in Barcalona, and freaked out in much the same way I did (or so it sounds). For reasons still unknown to me, I was waving my hands around or something, and realized I was about to knock over my glass of wine. I tried to stop it, tried to catch the glass, and doing that just made it fall harder, spraying wine all over the table, all over Paulette, and onto Rich's shirt. It was no ordinary spill, folks. This one went all over Paulette's face, too.

I was horrified! I wish I could blame it on having too much to drink, but that was sadly not the case, it was just me being clumsy. Luckily they both took it in stride, but it was so embarrassing!

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