21 September 2007

Days 8 & 9: Regressa a Roma

Sorry, I mix up the Spanish & Italian.

After a long four hour train ride, and an instance, upon entering the hotel in Monterosso where my aunt, with whom I have spent the last 9 days, didn't recognize me, we arrived in Rome. It was a quick walk from Termini to our hotel to meet my Swedish friend Pernilla.

It was great to see her, and she even came armed with Prosecco, our favorite drink of this trip. We hung out in the hotel for a bit, drank, and headed out to find the Spanish Steps & Trevi Fountain.

We found 'em both pretty easily (despite what the maps say, everything here seems to be pretty close), and ate dinner by Trevi. Our busboy asked my aunt to be his girlfriend. I am not sure if she caught it the first time but finally, he kept repeating himself, she understood. It was a nice dinner, I am getting a little sick of the carbs so went for chicken, which was fine. We sat around for a while longer then went back home to bed (Pernilla had a very early flight from Stockholm).

This morning I got up first, got ready, and tried to find an internet place. You would think, this being a HUGE tourist city, that this would not be so difficult. The opposite is true. The EasyInternet place, which the website says is open, is not. Then the place nearby that said it was open at 8am, was still not open at about 8.40am. Aye dios mio, Italianos!

We went down to the Colosseum and were caught by a tourguide on the way in. We decided to go for it, because it is much better to have someone telling you what you're looking at than try to figure it out for yourself! After that, we fought through the WC line, and then met up with another "free" tour of Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. That one was super helpful; without it everything would have just seemed like rubble.

It was time for a little drink, so we found this restaurant owned by a Swedish model (Pernilla had read about it in her magazine). It was nice to get out of the heat for a little while, and the three of us had a bottle of Prosecco. Yum. We were all very happy after that as we headed to the Pantheon. We may take another tour tomorrow night that will take us around to some of the things we haven't seen.

It isn't as hot here as it was the other day, or as hot as in Florence and Monterosso. It got pretty cool last night and I anticipate it doing the same tonight. It is a nice break!

We have one more day before we head home. I will try to write but since Internet access is so tough here, I can't promise anything! Ciao!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Annie! Just caught up on all your adventures...sounds awesome! Can't wait to see pictures, and hear more about your travels.

Take care, Jen Weiss