14 October 2007

Carrell Overkill?

Several times this weekend, I have seen commercials for Steve Carrell's new movie. They replay over and over a scene where his character gets pulled over by a cop, and he replies with a clever retort under his breath.

It is a very Michael Scott response.

It got me thinking...are we experiencing a little Steve Carrell overkill?

I think he is fantastic. The Office is one of my favorite television shows, I loved The Forty Year Old Virgin, and I thought his performance in Little Miss Sunshine was great. But...maybe he should take a break. His is a comedy best appreciated in smaller doses, to me at least; he gets a television show once a week and perhaps should do one movie during the summer. These things should probably not run simultaneously.

I get that he's the current "It" boy, but I would rather his career last a while, instead of being oversaturated to the point of disinterest.

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