29 October 2007

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Or, more aptly, who gave him the run of the house!

Yesterday, Luca and I headed down to enjoy a lovely day at Golden Gate Park. It was somewhere in the 70s here, which is remarkable for this time of year. We were so excited! Because we were going to be there for a while, I brought him a little baggie of treats (really, kibble).

It was a fun day of beer and sloshball (for me), and scavenging picnic food (for him). Upon arriving home, I left the backpack on the floor, but was careful to zip it all up, as I know he is nosy and likes to go through the bag.

I thought I was safe! But, upon arriving home today, I found my backpack (which is not light) dragged to the middle of the floor, and the little treat bag, open and empty. The dog had gotten the bag, dragged it out, figured out how to unzip it, and dug out the snacks!

I guess he is a little smarter than I thought!

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