28 October 2007

Life in the Fab Lane

I have caught this Kimora Lee Simmons show a few times, and I must say, I am totally sick. I think some of it is put on for the camera, but, seriously, how this woman thinks it is ok to treat people the way she does, I don’t know. She thinks talking down to people and then smiling makes it ok, and her “cute” act doesn’t cut it. And, I think she is more famous than she really is. And it is unfortunate, really.

I admire what she’s been able to do with Baby Phat, and always have much respect for women who can head up a company and do it well. But, if this is how people get to act when they are successful, may I never achieve success.

She is currently being shown a house in the 4.5M$ range…her response? The price is a little low. ARGH!

I think she’s trying to be cute and I am so down to earth, look at my silly demands, but it really makes her look like a rather frivolous woman and undermines her success in the business world. I sincerely hope she acts differently when the cameras are off.

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