14 October 2007

I Think We're Alone Now

This weekend, I was alone.

This past week was a little hectic. After a weekend that included a super fun wedding and a baptism, I woke up Monday and was not feeling so hot, but hoped it would burn off during the day. No such luck. After work I headed over to the East Bay to have a birthday dinner with my family. It was nice, but I was definitely coming down with something! Tuesday, at 5-bright-and-early-a.m., I headed to the airport to get on a plane to Chicago. I had been so excited about spending my birthday there, planning on going out to a nice dinner to celebrate. Instead, thanks to the cold, I was knocked out on my bed, curled up with a bag of Doritos. I spent the rest of the week trying to sneak in a nap here or there while in Chicago at a conference...a tough spot. Being "on" is always a little tough for me...being "on" while sick is quite a hurdle!

Friday rolled around, and I was still not feeling even close to par, but I needed to get home so I could fly out on Saturday to another wedding. I arrived at the airport, and as we were getting ready to board, we were told there was a mechanical issue on the plane, and we would be delayed. Time ticked on, it got later, and I felt worse. It didn't help that I was worried about the wedding; I was really looking forward to going! I finally had to make the decision that it wasn't going to happen - not only did I have no idea when I was going to get home, but I was still really sick and needed to take care of myself. I still feel bad, but it was the right choice.

Because I had planned to be away, Luca was at my parent's house, and they had planned to take care of him for the weekend. So I let them. Again, I felt a little guilty, but it was the right choice.

I was able to get so much done without my little bug following me around. I scrubbed the floors, I ran errands, I cleaned the little corners I can never get to, I did wash...it was great! I was able to relax and nap, to sleep in, to go straight to bed without taking him for a walk. I really missed him, but it was a nice reprieve! Every once in a while I would look over to his corner and realize he's not there!

I was super excited to get him back today, and he was very happy to get back into the house and run around, making a mess of everything I worked to clean up! I love it.

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