17 October 2007

Mr. Telephone Man

After my posting the other day about Comcast, I went on a little search for a cable-over-IP solution (or whatever it may be called). And I found something. AT&T U-verse seems to offer this type of thing. I think it is brilliant.

Looking at the line up, I would get a lot more stations for the same price I am paying now. The drawback is for some reason HBO is not included in all those stations...in fact, for every package, you have to pay more for HBO. Weird, right?

I am now on pins and needles waiting for this service to come to my 'hood. I found out today Comcast is upping my rates again, for no real reason that I can tell (they say they need to upgrade...I think they just own the corner on the market right now and want to make as much money as they can before more competition moves in). It is pissing me off...

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