20 October 2007

Finally It's Happened to Me...

After being in my place for almost a year, it has happened...I am now fully unpacked!

I have had three huge boxes of mainly books stacked in my front closet since I moved in. It hasn't been easy for me to find a bookcase I felt would work in this place. Even those that were really pricey didn't seem quite right (not that I wanted to spend a lot of dough on it). I ordered one from IKEA about a month ago, but the shipping price was only five dollars less than the entire bookcase, so I said thanks but no thanks.

Today my dad kindly took me to IKEA with his truck, and we got the bookcase! Giddy up! We then set it up, and I unpacked all my books. It is pretty full already! Luckily I got a smaller one to put up in my bedroom, so that will hold a few of the overflow books.

I feel a weird sense of contentment right now, knowing all the boxes are finally gone. And it only took a year!

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