15 October 2007

Not so Comcastic

I hate Comcast.

I pay a ton of money each month, mainly because I am a total TV addict. And I would do this happily, if my cable box worked right, if it didn't stop intermitently, usually at the most crucial point in the dialog. I call it blinking, and my cable box seems to be doing it more and more often.

I know I need a new box, but the office is all the way across town, and isn't that easy to get to. Plus, I work all day, and don't have a ton of time to get over to them. If I were to set an appointment to get them over here, there is a huge window of time, and...again, I work all day!

Comcast has such a corner on the cable market out here, they can pretty much do whatever they want, and charge whatever they want. There is no real competition...yes, there is the Dish, but that requires putting ugly equipment on the outside of my residence (which is currently not allowed anyway, but I wouldn't want it). Will there be a time when I can get "cable" TV through my internet line? I have a T1, it should be adequate. And cheaper. Fingers crossed this will happen soon!

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